Erzuli Black Soap Shampoo

Erzuli Black Soap Shampoo

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"Black Soap" is a new name for an age-old product of West Africa, as has been named that because of its color. One of its original names is Alata Samina (as it is known in Ghana). This natural soap is produced by combining Palm Kernel and either cocoa pods or plantain skins and water. Its natural color ranges from a light brown to dark brown to jet black. Some companies are packaging what they call "Black Soap", but are using chemicals and dyes, in order to produce their soap. These chemicals and dyes, some of which the average person can't pronounce, can have harmful effects to the skin. Original Black Soap contains no harmful chemicals or dyes, and is good for the skin and hair.
Erzuli produces Liquid Black Soap and Bar Black Soap. So, whatever your preference, we have the right soap for you!

Our Black Soap Shampoo is formulated to cleanse and nurture the hair and scalp.

Here's our long and complicated list of ingredients...
Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pods, Coconut Oil, Water, Essential Oils.

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